The Raw Keto Diet, Curcumin and Raw Turmeric Root

The Raw Keto Diet, Curcumin and Raw Turmeric Root

Curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, is known for its potential health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. While there is evidence to suggest that curcumin can be a valuable addition to a healthy diet, including a raw ketogenic diet, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Curcumin has been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects, which may be beneficial for individuals on a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet itself has been suggested to have anti-inflammatory effects, and adding curcumin may complement these benefits.

Antioxidant Effects: As an antioxidant, curcumin may help combat oxidative stress, which can be particularly relevant in the context of a ketogenic diet where the body undergoes changes in energy metabolism.

Absorption: Curcumin has low bioavailability, meaning that the body absorbs it poorly. However, consuming curcumin with black pepper (which contains piperine) can enhance absorption. In a raw ketogenic diet, incorporating black pepper or using turmeric in combination with fats may be beneficial.

Metabolic Support: Some studies suggest that curcumin may have metabolic benefits, including potential effects on insulin sensitivity. This could be relevant in the context of a ketogenic diet, which involves a low-carbohydrate intake.

When eating the raw ketogenic diet, you can use raw turmeric root as a spice when preparing your raw keto meals. Shred some on your raw vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. You can also include it in your smoothies. Delish! Make sure you pick up your copy of the Raw Ketogenic Diet today!


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