The Raw Ketogenic Diet

The Raw Ketogenic Diet

Amazing energy, great weight loss, improved digestion and optimal health can be yours on the Raw Keto diet! My Raw Keto books have delicious raw keto recipes and a 14 day meal plan with net carbs less than 12g per day will keep you happy, full and in ketosis. Optimal health is my goal when you’re on the Raw Ketogenic Diet. By combining the amazing benefits of raw food and ketogenesis, the raw keto diet has the ability to repair dysfunctional metabolic pathways in disease ultimately leading to restoration and healing. This makes it great for individuals that have diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, and many other conditions. It’s not the typical ketogenic diet that has well known side effects like constipation, dehydration, stomach upset and an increased risk of stroke and heart disease because of bad unhealthy fats used in meal preparation. Good healthy fats are used in the Raw Ketogenic Diet and this makes a world of difference because it improves mental and physical health significantly.

On the Raw Ketogenic Diet you can experience the following:

Amazing Weight Loss

Immune System Enhancement



Increased Alkalinity

Improved Digestion

Improved Elimination

Mental Clarity

Increased Energy and Vitality

Better Sleep

With only a few fresh easily obtainable inexpensive ingredients in my recipes, you can prepare raw keto meals in minutes, anytime, anywhere. This makes it easy for anyone to do and it helps people move towards their goal of optimal health. It also includes the raw keto shopping list, an amazing 14 day meal plan with net carbs less than 12g per day and so much more!


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